Erstes KAPAP – Israelisches Anti-Terror-Nahkampf-Seminar in der Schweiz!

Im Juni 2003 hatte ich die Ehre den Kapap und Israeli Jiu-Jitsu Meister Avi Nardia Academy bei uns in Zürich an der Academy zu haben. Seit dem habe ich ihn und sein Unterricht mit grosses Interesse verfolgt.

Aufgefallen ist mir auch, dass viele KM-Konkurrenten ihn versucht haben zu kopieren, aber eben sie bleiben nur alles eine Kopie des Original, und das ist und bleibt Meister Avi.

Von Grossmeister Paul McCarthy ist ein interessanter Post auf dessen FB-Page erschienen (FB-Post siehe unten, nach den Fotos). Sollte ich im Stand sein dies euch weiterzuleiten, werde ich es sehr gerne tun, denn es fast vieles zusammen, dass ich euch gerne über Meister Avi und sein tiefes und sehr breites Wissen erzählen möchte.

Ich bin praktisch im Besitz von (fast) allen DVDs und anderes lehrreiches Material von Avi, welches ich jedem wahren Self-defense-Schüler, unabhängig von Gurtfarbe, Stil und Verband, sehr empfehle. Eine grosse Auswahl findet ihr bei BUDO INTERNATIONAL oder Googelt mal und ihr werdet auch andere interessante Links finden.

Stay safe and strong

I met Major Avi Nardia thirty years ago during the time he resided in Japan. I was immediately impressed by his devotion to the martial arts and found his fighting spirit truly remarkable. I thank him for acknowledging my influence upon the development of LOTAR KAPAP but if anything I merely guided a friend to think outside the box where he did all the work himself.

With years of hands-on field experience in the fight against terrorism, presently the worlds most dangerous criminal element, Avi’s military service was also exemplary. However, I think it was his preoccupation with developing and systematizing the most comprehensive fighting techniques, along with improving methods of imparting its application practices that have earned him his reputation. Simply put, this man is one of the most prominent innovators of anti-terrorism of our generation.

Having had the pleasure of working with the military police, secret service and Israeli counter-terrorism in the past I was delighted to learn that he had drawn upon some of my own two-person application drills in the development of LOTAR KAPAP to help develop combative functionality.

With a trunk load of accolades from the some of the most impressive military commanders, reputable agencies of law enforcement, security, and the martial arts [both classical and contemporary] Major Avi Nardia hardly needs my recommendation for this book as his experience speaks for itself.

Rarely do people come along who contribute to the value chain — Avi Nardia is certainly one of them. Drawing upon the most effective classical practices from many traditions, his unique experience, eclectic approach and contemporary insight have resulted in the establishment a truly valuable fighting art.

Patrick McCarthy
IRKRS Director

Published by Franco Vacirca

Martial Arts and Self-defense Instructor, Teaching Consultant, Author, Public Speaker, Personal Development Specialist