Gracie Youth / Adults

Forget about past mistakes and focus your energy on the victories of tomorrow.” – Carlos Gracie (founder of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)

Small Group Training

The duration of a small group lesson is 60 minutes.
Private (1-on-1) about 45 minutes.

The prices below are only valid for members of Gracie Zuerich and members of M.F.M.A. No discounts. No other reductions, etc.

Trainingsuit: Please always bring complete BJJ Gi and clean t-shirt. No gym or wrestling shoes (barefoot only); no ear protection, etc. The official VB CGJJNE Gi with our logo can be purchased on site and in our online store.

Groin protection: is absolutely necessary for men and women, in the mixed classes. For the ladies we also recommend a light chest protector.

Hygiene/protection measures – COVID-19: must be observed by all participants at all times. If you have a cold, stay at home! At the entrance at registration, take temperature and sign in for training. Always wash feet and hands before entering the tatami. No socks or wrestling/gym shoes will be worn on the tatami. To wipe off sweat, bring your own towel. Bring your own water bottle; no food/drink items will be sold in the Dojo. You must always dispose of your own waste at home. Nothing may be left in the Dojo, as we do not store anything!

Registration/cancellation via WhatsApp to +41 79 415 08 08 – those who cannot attend must cancel with us at least three (3) hours in advance, otherwise the private lesson will be charged.

Lessons are always to be paid CASH (bring money exactly) ON THE SPOT, with TWINT, or PayPal to

Gracie Fundamentals by the Vacirca Brothers

The Vacirca Brothers at Mike Felder Martial Arts Academy

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