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Registration for training at Gracie Zuerich is possible at any time. However, it may well be that we can not immediately consider registrations during the current course / training operation due to full classes. After successful registration you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, in which we will inform you about the further steps.

For the training year 2021 / 2022 the following classes and membership fees apply. The membership fee is valid for the period mentioned below:

Age groupPeriodTraining/WeekCHF
Adults O251.08. – 31.12.20211 – 2600.00
Adults O251.01. – 31.12.20221 – 21200.00
Teens U181.08. – 31.12.20211500.00
….2 – 3650.00
Teens U181.01. – 31.12.202211000.00
….2 – 31300.00
Kids U131.08. – 31.12.20211400.00
Kids U131.01. – 31.12.20221800.00
Subject to change at any time. Status 1.2021

Please note that in case of previous resignation no contributions will be refunded.

For each new registration, an additional annual license fee of CHF 70 must be paid in cash to the Gracie Zuerich Club secretary’s office. This fee covers the annual license fees owed by the GZC to the GJJ Network Europe.

Training clothing and training equipment are never included in the above prices/membership fees/licenses.The license fee covers the cost of the belt examination and GJJNE graduation.

Membership request: e-mail to

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